Personal Training Program 

I realize that many aspects contribute to your success or failure in reaching your goals and so I use a multidimensional approach in guiding you to success.

1. Nutrition

When it comes to weight loss or building muscle it is my experience that has shown me that the area in which most people will fail in reaching their goals lies in nutrition. This is why I place such a great emphasis on nutrition and will work in great detail with you on it. In working with you I will develop a detailed daily food plan along with a grocery list that will let you know all the foods that you need for the week...

2. Cardio

Cardio is also an important part of your program because it will help you burn a large amount of calories and lead to a decrease in body fat. I will determine the amount of cardio and intensity (speed & grade or heart rate) that is appropriate for you in reaching your goals. I will then give you a detailed program so that you have a clear outline of what you should do throughout the week.

3. Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is important in increasing strength and maintaining and/or building muscle depending on what your goals may be. In working with you I will show you the proper technique for all your exercises. I will then design your program and give you a detailed program showing how often your should work out, the amount of repetitions and sets that you will need to do and the amount of rest needed in between in each set.

4. Teaching Correct Nutrition & Fitness Principles

When it comes to fitness and nutrition there are a large number of fallacies that are circulating. There is nothing more frustrating than attempting to be successful using incorrect principles. Many times I have seen people wasting their time and money or doing unnecessary things to reach their fitness goals. It is my goal to teach you truths and educate you...

5. Planning for Success

Once you have set your goals the next most important thing is to plan out how you will accomplish them. In meeting with you we will set your long term goals and then plan out how we will accomplish them through weekly success.

6. Accountability

Each week we will check your body fat % and your measurements and review your daily food intake. Depending on your new measurements we will then determine the effectiveness of the plan and if any changes need to be made. We will do this by planning your daily food intake, weight lifting program and cardio.

7. Upcoming Personal Training Software

Coming this fall we will be offering an interactive online personal trainer software program. This program will offer many online fitness and nutrition tools including; a body measurements tracker, (body weight, body fat percentages, and other body measurements) free exercise video samples, workout tool builder/selector, an online fit calendar...